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The principals of Sniper Extreme have, collectively, over 50 years experience in the Firearms, Explosive and Ammunition industry.

It was decided to put that knowledge to good use and we formed Sniper Extreme as subsidiary of our parent company; EPA Manufacturing Ltd.

Over the last 7 years we have quickly established a reputation for innovative products and solutions for the UK MoD and Private Companies, with many completed projects to our credit. We currently produce some of the best Sniper ammunition currently available anywhere.

Continuously forward thinking we are always striving to improve and think of better ways to bring existing products into the 21st Century.

All ammunition design is built to meet operational conditions with precision being paramount.

Below is a sample of hand built precision Sniper Extreme operational ammunition &projectiles.

The Brief - To develop the most precise ammunition, able to out perform our competition, with an emphasis on accuracy and target effect, tuned to the users weapon systems.


The Project - EPA prototyped and developed a large number of projectiles, selecting a core product list of  around 15 to 20, that fulfil the operators needs.

This range of projectiles has undergone a carefully controlled qualification plan, with a strong emphasis on the end user.

Rather than just satisfying an existing standard, EPA have set new standards that others will have to try to emulate.


The Solution - Using the latest CNC technologies, create a range of projectiles that are lead free, use inert metals for target effect and are made to fine tolerances, for enhanced precision.

To take the projectile and using the strictest quality controlled loading system manufacture the most accurate round possible.


The Result - Currently used by UK Special forces and other SF and Police units around the world, with great success.


CALL SALES: (267) 282-6666 Ext. 4

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